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Significant indirect benefits which arise out of killed steel and reduced tapping temperatures are:

  1. Reduction in casting related issues like blowholes and pinholes
  2. Reduction in rebar losses from casting defects
  3. Shorter heat time – Higher production
  4. Longer lining life – Lower refractory cost – Larger melt size in the extra heats gained
  5. Lower rolling mill rejections – Less split rebars
  6. Vastly improved steel quality – Dramatic drop in blowholes and pinholes in the billet
  7. Increased casting speed due to lower tapping temperatures – Lower rhombicity in billets and less casting defects

These will become evident after continued use of Remix 55 & INSUTAL 4A. The figures used are conservative and there should be further lowering of tapping temperatures (Approximately 20 – 40 C) after confidence build up on the shop floor.

1.Synthetic Slag Deoxidizer - Remix 55

REMIX 55, is a synthetic slag deoxidizer, tailor-made for controlling the [O] ppm, of steel through Induction furnace route.Some Advantages:

  1. Significantly improved % Mn recovery- i.e. 10 to 15% lower addition rate of ferroalloys
  2. Ease of slag removal, as the slag agglomerate and becomes viscous.
  3. Very low to nil, Mn drop in the ladle.

2.Ladle and tundish covering compound - Insutal 4 A

INSUTAL 4 A is an insulating refractory powder product used as a cover for molten steel. Some Advantages:

  1. Reduces radiation heat losses from the top surface of the Tundish & Ladle.
  2. It helps to maintain consistent metal temperatures in the Tundish.
  3. The material expands in volume 4 times on application and improves spreadability.

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